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September, October, & November Picture Book Favorites

We are rounding out the last day of November December and while I was surprised to see I hadn’t shared our monthly favorite picture books since the July/August post, I probably shouldn’t be surprised because fall has been one big blur of survival mode. Continual sickness from preschool germs, very little sleep and routines thatContinue reading “September, October, & November Picture Book Favorites”

Recently Read 2022 | Part III

As expected, my summer reading didn’t end up exactly being summery books, but I finally hit my stride with 5 star books, and my two favorite books of the year so far! Unlikely Animals | I came across this book after hearing about it on the all of the books podcast when Liberty mentioned itContinue reading “Recently Read 2022 | Part III”

July & August Picture Book Favorites

Happy end of summer! I decided to combine months to try and catch up on posting– and if I’m honest we mostly read Sophie Mouse books, we’re all caught up and waiting to see if there will be a book 20. As it always seems to go, summer flew by, and we’re (well, me) anxiouslyContinue reading “July & August Picture Book Favorites”

June Picture Book Favorites

I’m really behind posting this, and I’ve completely given up on the GoogleDoc to track our books– but I am going to try and catch up with these monthly posts because it’s a great way to look back at our favorite books of the year. Links in this post will take you to my bookshopContinue reading “June Picture Book Favorites”

May Picture Book Favorites

Happy summer! Just a couple of books for this month…. possibly because I didn’t keep track that great, I’m going to try and stick with it because I’ve loved looking back at previous posts from this year. Links in this post will take you to my bookshop or, where I earn a commission forContinue reading “May Picture Book Favorites”

Early Reader Series We’ve Been Loving

I wasn’t 100% sure what to title this post because I don’t know what category these books actually fall into– I’m guessing maybe a few different ones? But these are the series my 4-year-old has been loving over the past 6 months or so– ours are all library copies, but I hope to stock ourContinue reading “Early Reader Series We’ve Been Loving”

April Picture Book Favorites

April was another quick month– we had a busy month with a mini trip to New York, some new playgrounds, lots of puzzles, magic painting, and board games too. We’ve also been reading a lot of early chapter books and recently finished Mr. Popper’s Penguins. Some of the language is definitely dated, but it wasContinue reading “April Picture Book Favorites”

March Picture Book Favorites

Happy Spring! The best time of the year– I can’t believe it is already April. March went by incredibly fast, but I’m excited for the first full month of spring. Here are our most read/loved books of the month. For these posts I haven’t decided if I’m going to also share repeats, or just newContinue reading “March Picture Book Favorites”