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July & August Picture Book Favorites

Happy end of summer! I decided to combine months to try and catch up on posting– and if I’m honest we mostly read Sophie Mouse books, we’re all caught up and waiting to see if there will be a book 20. As it always seems to go, summer flew by, and we’re (well, me) anxiously awaiting all the new routines that come along with fall. Links in this post will take you to my bookshop or, where I earn a commission for any purchases while you can support your local bookstore.

Redlocks and the Three Bears | Reading this book made me realize that we never really got into traditional fairy tales, but my kids both requested this book over and over again and love reciting different parts of it aloud, “Golidlocks, never heard of her.” For example. It’s a quick read with more muted illustrations, but a fun twist on your favorite fairy tale.

Red Ridinghood and the 3 Billy Goats Gruff | Continuing with the mixed-up fairy tale theme, this one really packs a punch in the silly department with beautiful high color illustrations. There are two other books in this series.

Knight Owl | This book was all over Instagram at one point and I’m so thankful because it became an instant favorite in our house. A small owl gets the opportunity to go to knight school and ends up being the perfect knight to guard the castle at nighttime– befriending the dragon that was (implied) eating the previous knights!

Valenslime | I’m 99% sure this will be in a top favorite of the year. My two-year-old is obsessed, and I even have to admit this book finally convinced me to make slime (there are fun recipes in the back). It’s the followup to Frankenslime, and I had *almost* purchased it last year around Valentine’s Day, but wasn’t sure about it. We randomly saw it facing out at the library & even though it’s technically “out of season”, we picked it up anyway and I’m so happy we did.

The Collectors | While I adore the illustrations and styling of this book, my kids love the collecting and adventure aspect. Two friends set out to find something amazing for the very last spot in their collection. It’s fun to read aloud and the message in the end is really great.

Mindful Mr. Sloth | This was another book we first listened to on audio, but our library finally got a copy of the physical book and it’s SO GOOD. We listened to quite a fee Katy Hudson books on audio and they were all wonderful (stories + great narration!). This one is an adorable story about a little girl who finds a sloth who teaches her the beauty in slowing down sometimes.

Dinosaur Atlas | Dinosaurs have officially surpassed trains and construction vehicles as the top favorite thing of my 4-year-old. He loves playing with dinosaurs, talking about dinosaurs, pretending to be dinosaurs… so this was an epic library find on the new releases shelf that he has looked at dozens and dozens of times. As the title suggests, the sections are broken up based on where in the world the dinosaurs lived. Some of the photos of fighting dinosaurs are a bit intense in my opinion, but both of my kids are on the sensitive side and seem unbothered.

What were your most loved picture books of summer?


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