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May Picture Book Favorites

Happy summer! Just a couple of books for this month…. possibly because I didn’t keep track that great, I’m going to try and stick with it because I’ve loved looking back at previous posts from this year. Links in this post will take you to my bookshop or, where I earn a commission for any purchases while you can support your local bookstore.

The Rabbit Listened – We got this from the library and it was an immediate must-purchase for me. It has simple illustrations and text that explain the importance in sometimes just listening to someone when they have a problem or they’re upset. A cast of animals all visit Taylor after they are upset when their block tower falls down, and each animal has a different “strategy” for how to help.

Oona and the Shark – We have all loved this book so much. I think I might like it more than the original Oona just because I think it’s a great story about friendship combined with thinking outside of the box.

The Biggest Story – I haven’t related to a book so much in a long time. My 4 year old is in a huge story phase– his favorite thing is probably us telling him stories… especially long ones with lots of chapters. This is a book about a little boy who wants his mom to tell him a story but they’re having plumbing problems, so she suggests he come up with his own story, and it is epic!

Over the Shop – I love a good wordless picture book and this one is definitely up there at the top. It’s about a little girl and her grandparent who are trying to find renters for the rundown apartment above their shop. There is so much to see and feel within the pages.

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