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Perfect Books for Halloween

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday, but having little kids makes it a bit more fun and this year, especially, I am holding onto any tiny bit of excitement I can find. I went back and forth on costumes- I wanted to do a Winnie the Pooh theme, but wasn’t sure we needed to spend money on costumes just for fun since we likely won’t be going anywhere. Then M said he wanted to be a ghost and that seems simple enough and made my decision easy. We’ll just hope T can squeeze into M’s first Halloween costume.

Anyway, onto the books. This should actually be SIX perfect books for Halloween, but one book is missing from each set of photos I had… book photography is definitely not my thing- maybe one day when my kid’s are older? Usually I’m holding a squirmy baby & trying to get a photo that’s not blurry— or said squirmy baby is crawling around grabbing the books🤣.

Bonaparte Falls Apart | We borrowed this from the library and it has the CUTEST illustrations. The story wasn’t super appealing to M quite yet, but he loved flipping through all the pictures— it reminded me of Casper & is a great book about friendship for older kids.

Clifford’s Halloween | This was M’s new Halloween book for this year- he likes watching Clifford on Prime, so I thought he would enjoy this little paperback. It’s short & sweet, and even comes with stickers.

It’s Pumpkin Day Mouse! | This is our FAVORITE— we are big fans of Mouse & all of his friends and this book is great for so many things— counting, emotions, and just lots of Halloween fun.

Ollie’s Halloween | This is another one with really sweet illustrations that was a gift from my mom last year. The sweet little goslings dress up for Halloween. 
Spooky Pookie | If you haven’t met Pookie yet you are missing out, we love all of the Pookie books! In this one Pookie picks out a costume & all of the regular silliness fills the pages. 
Trick or Treat, Little Pumpkin | We love these finger puppet books— they’re perfect for tiny hands & super durable with the extra thick pages. 

What Halloween books do you love for this time of the year? Are you still dressing up this year?

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